8:30 AM

Live Act: Nina Sofie

8:45 AM


Welcome to the 4Future Day! - presented by Pauline Binder (FM4) & Jana Petrik (Ö3)

8:50 AM

Fireside Chat: Human Rights

Lindo Mandela (The Mandela Legacy), Yetneberesh Nigussie Molla (Award winner of the alternative nobel prize) - presented by Alexandra Wachter (ORF)

9:15 AM

Keynote: Sustainability & Education Projects in Africa

Nina Smidt (German Siemens Foundation)

9:25 AM

Panel: Revolutionizing Education - Change of Mind needed for AI in Schools

Levi Lansky (Deputy State Representative of the General Secondary Schools), Manfred Kastner (spielerisch lernen), Judtih White (Ju-Nique Empowerment)

10:10 AM

Keynote: Future Learning Lab Hackathon - The Winner

10:20 AM

Keynote: Police Recruiting

10:25 AM

Keynote: Health and Mindset

Joe Wünsche

10:30 AM

Keynote: Parents @ Work

Estelle Jackson

10:40 AM

Fireside Chat: Robo Recruiting - Can AI prevent us from Stereotyping?

Dena Simmons (Yale Center of Emotional Intelligence), Annahita Esmalizadeh (Microsoft)

11:10 AM

Live Act: NNOA

11:15 AM

Keynote: Is LIfe Expectancy the Expectation of Life?

Julia Guizani (Sanofi)

11:20 AM

Panel: Longevity - forever young

OA Priv.Doz.Dr. Arschang Valipour, Elisabeth Langmann (aging research)

12:10 PM

Healthcare, AI & women health

Johannes Rauch (Austrian Federal Minister for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection)

12:20 PM

Fireside Chat: Game Changer GLP-1? Do new obesity medicaitons revolutionize Medicine?

Freddy Meryn, Frank Westermann

12:35 PM

Keynote: Gender Health Gap

Susanne Erkens-Reck

12:40 PM

Keynote: Health & Mindset

12:45 PM

Fireside Chat: What makes the brain evil?

Anna Puzio, Carina Zehetmaier, Sebastian Fitzek, Matthias Beck

1:25 PM

Live Act: Esther Graf

1:30 PM

Keynote: A World without Hunger

Gerd Müller

1:40 PM

Ö3 Youth Study

2:10 PM

Keynote: Anxiety - how to embrace the fear of life itself

Anna Strigl

2:15 PM

Green flying

2:20 PM

Keynote: Use your voice

Karin Teigl

2:25 PM

Panel: Empowering Tomorrow's Voices - A Vision for Youth Rights

Aman Haile (Programme Specialist UNICEF), Florian Hoffmann (Visioneers Mentor), Emilia Thomas (Student Stubenbastei) - presented by Fanny Stapf

3:10 PM

Keynote: RiseUpLadies - unite and shape the Future of Entrepreneurship

Verena Pausder

3:30 PM

"Wild Umstritten" Special Edition

Silvia Holly (Voestalpine), Jasmin Wagner (Blümchen)

4:20 PM

Keynote: My Journey beyond Stereotypes: unconventional leadership and the power of role models

Sylvia Holly (Voestalpine)

4:25 PM

Panel: Female Apprentice Hackathon

CEOs For Future, Doris Schmidauer - presented by Julia Ebermann (Puls 4)

5:30 PM

Keynote: THE TRILLION DOLLAR SHIFT - Die SDGs als Rahmenbedingungen

Marga Hoek

5:40 PM

Panel: Tec and activism for good- Mastering Global Challenges

Kami Krista, Katie Hodgetts (Award winning climate campaigner), David Jablonski (Co-founder of Klimadashboard), Anja Tretbar (Magenta)

6:05 PM

Panel: Sustainable Future: Quick Wins vs. Longterm Strategies

Marga Hoek (Autorin) Ian Carnelli (ESA), Pablo Garcia Tello (CERN)

6:50 PM

Comedy: Aladdin

Aladdin Gedik Jameel

7:05 PM

Live Act: +++ SURPRISE +++