The application does not constitute an entitlement to participate in the respective format. The selection of participants for the format is solely at the discretion of ProsiebenSat1 PULS 4 GmbH and/or its subsidiaries ("we" or "us") or a third party/contractor commissioned by them.
All information in connection with the casting, the respective or other format(s) and its or their preparation(s) shall be treated as strictly confidential and shall not be disclosed to third parties. We reserve the right to exclude a participant from the casting or the respective or other format/s and/or to change the schedule - even at short notice - at any time at our discretion.
The applicant grants us any rights to the image and/or sound recordings (e.g. photographs, DVDs, CDs, etc.) created within the scope of the respective format and to any other material that the applicant attaches to his application or is created by him. In particular, we are entitled to use this material extensively, both on television and the internet, within the framework of the respective format and the accompanying press and promotional measures. The applicant releases us from any liability towards third parties and indemnifies and holds us harmless to the full extent.
Eligible to participate and register are natural persons who have reached the age of 14. Persons who have not yet reached the age of 18 require the written consent of their legal guardian to participate in the respective format.
Any travel expenses incurred will be borne by the applicant himself/herself and he/she assures us that he/she is in good health to participate in the respective format or to travel by air.
The applicant must be ready to take part in the format, in particular at the locations and times specified by the production and has no right to an alternative date if he/she is prevented from attending.
The applicant assumes any tax assessments concerning his person resulting from contributions to the participation in the respective format (such as fees).
We reserve the right at any time to verify the identity or eligibility of the applicant (natural person or legal entity). If the applicant cannot provide such proof within a reasonable period of time, this may lead to exclusion from participation. All personal details and information requested by us and entrusted to us must be true, complete and in no way misleading. We reserve the right to exclude an applicant from the production, especially if at any time the applicant provides untrue, incomplete or misleading personal details or information.
The right of appeal is excluded. The selection process for participation is solely our responsibility and is not subject to appeal.