Inspiration, networking and infotainment: the focal points of this year's festival include Digitalization and Media, Female Power, Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Working World & Education. 

Three days full of content and trending topics. Get ready for our fantastic program!

4PIONEERS DAY on May 14, 2024

This day offers a diverse program for and with startups, entrepreneurs, business angels and investors. We bring the future top-class speakers, TOP-CEOs and gamechangers on the big stage and talk about topics like entrepreneurship, finance, innovation and tech.

4FUTURE DAY on May 15, 2024

On this day everything revolves around the most important topics of the future and the Next Gen: How must education be redesigned? How do we achieve more equal opportunities? What does the future of the healthcare system look like? Above all, the hot topic of mental health and what must be considered within the major topic of sustainability? The topics discussed will be climate, sustainability, jobs, education, health and social issues.

4GAMECHANGERS DAY on May 16, 2024

The global meta issues will find their place on our big stage on this day. The future of Europe will be discussed, as well as the hot topics worldwide. Hot topics are: The Power of Cooperation, Female Empowerment, Freedom of the Press & Quality Journalism. We will also address the issues of corruption and the friendship economy as well as the divergence of our society. The audience can expect exciting panels and keynotes across the topics of world affairs, human rights, media and culture.

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