8:45 AM

LIVE ACT: Nina Sofie

9:00 AM


Welcome to the 4Pioneers Day - presented by Conny Lee

9:05 AM

Keynote: Thriving Vienna

Peter Hanke

9:15 AM

Keynote: Infinite possibilities - Europe & the AI revolution

Vanessa Cann (NYONIC)

9:35 AM

Panel: Regulating the AI-Revolution - Balancing Ethical Concerns and Global Competitiveness

Vanessa Cann (NYONIC), Ursula Poznanski (Bestseller-Author), Sepp Hochreiter

10:25 AM

Keynote: Estonia’s Global Position in AI - European Silicon Valley

Ott Velsberg (Chief Government Data Officer, Estonia)

10:40 AM

Keynote: How does AI influence our work environment?

Sead Ahmetovic (WeAreDevelopers)

10:45 AM

Keynote: Research & Development Campus ISTA

Martin Hetzer (Lead Research Program Aging)

10:50 AM

Panel: Impact Investing

Monika Rosen (ÖAG), Michaela Ernst (sheconomy), Birgit Radl (Wanko), Jörg Mooshuber (Amundi), Johannes Ortner (Alia) - presented by Wolfgang Schiefer (Puls 24)

11:40 AM

Fireside Chat: The Power of Change - Turning Crises into Opportunities

Larissa Kravitz (Investorella), Carmen Thornton (Thornton & Kautz)

11:55 AM

Panel: Fearless Investing - Empowered by AI-driven Insights

Monika Rosen (ÖAG), Lisa Fassl (Female Founders), Yasmine Mesloub (Financial Literacy Advocate), Christian Niedermüller (Blocktrade)

12:40 PM

Keynote: Female Factor - Brilliant Leading Ladies

Mahdis Gharaei (Female Factor)

12:55 PM

Panel: Leading African Innovation

Nkemdilim Uwaje Begho (Futuresoft), Samuel Gikandi (Africa's Taking), Charity Wanjiku (Strauss Energy), Moses Acquah (Grundfos)

1:45 PM

Keynote: Finanzierung von Forschung und Innovation

1:50 PM

Live Act: Arnela Graf

with the song "Bin doch jung"

1:55 PM

Fireside Chat: Biodiversity

Viviana Ruiz Gutierrez (Cornell Lab of Ornithology)

2:10 PM

Fireside Chat: Agro-Innovation, Sustainability & AI

Nina Mannheimer (KLIM)

2:25 PM

Live Act: Arnela Graf

2:30 PM

Fireside Chat: The Power of Cooperation - A showcase for sustainable energy

Leonard Schitter (Energie AG)

2:45 PM

Panel: Constructing Tomorrow - Building Materials of the Future

Gudrun Senk (Wiener Linien), Mag. Samuel Krupensky (Kruner Industries), Wolfgang Gebetsroither (Hausverstand Bau) - presented by Marlene Nowotny (Ö1)

3:20 PM

Keynote: Innovation in Packaging

Alexander Schau (Erdal/Frosch)

3:30 PM

Keynote: Case Study Recycling

3:40 PM

Fireside Chat: The Power of Cooperation - A showcase for sustainable energy

3:55 PM

Panel: Safeguarding the Future: The Crucial Role of Increades Security in AI

Thomas Plank (, Ott Velsberg (Chief Government Data Officer Estonia)

4:25 PM

Keynote: Transparency and fairness in AI

4:30 PM

Panel: Exploring AI-Evolution -  Between Humanity and Superintelligence

Kai Herzberger (META), Henry Dobson, Beau Lotto (neuroscientist)

5:15 PM

Live Act: Rahel

5:20 PM

Keynote: Music on Chips

Ray Wanda

5:25 PM

Fireside Chat: Storm Nights - Success & Failure in Entrepreneurship

Eirini Rapti (Inne), Travis Pittmann (Tourradar), Lucanus Polagnoli (Calm/Storm)

5:40 PM

Panel: Rescue Operation - Strengthening the Austrian Startup Scene

Eirini Rapti (Inne), Gert Hirczi (Wirtschaftsagentur), Travis Pittmann (Tourradar), Oliver Holle - presented by Stephanie Cox (ASHOKA)

6:15 PM

Keynote: Startups

6:20 PM

State Prize for Digitalization

7:35 PM

Live act: Christian Stürmer