Our Values

G – Game changing

Doing things differently by using unusual and innovative ideas to solve issues. Changing the game for the better and for the global good.

A – Acceptance

Seeing everyone as equal and treating them accordingly. All people have equal value, equal dignity and deserve equal courtesy and respect. No matter what they look like, what their gender is, where they are from, or what their title or net worth is.

M – Memorable

Impacting people, especially the next generation, in a positive manner. Inspiring people to think outside the box and change the game for the global good.

E – Empowerment

Empowering the next generation and all people regardless of their gender and background. Whether a child was born in a refugee tent or a penthouse, they deserve to have the same chance and empowerment to succeed: Education, healthcare, housing, access and opportunity are recourses that societies owe to people.

C – Cooperation

Working together and building new alliances to tackle the world’s toughest challenges.

H – Humanity

Humanity deserves to flourish. It cannot flourish unless we protect our only home and planet, Earth. Humans are part of the natural world, and we owe it to our earth. Human rights are inherent and mutually reinforcing.

A – Analytical

Involving careful and editorial study in elaborating our program.

N – Neutral

Illuminating all perspectives, even if controversial, allowing people to form their own opinions and encourage their reflections.

G – Giving

Offering hidden champions and social initiatives the stage to talk about their opinion and work.

E – Encourage

Giving courage, confidence or hope for the future and world. Leaving people with a good feeling.

R – Respect

Speaking your mind and respecting everyone else’s right to do the same. When you protect freedom of expression and the media, you protect democracy.

S – Selflessness

Acting in an ego-free way and with less concern for yourself than for the success of the joint activity.