8:45 AM

Live Act: Nina Sofie

9:00 AM


Welcome to the 4Gamechangers Day! - presented by Theresa Kulovits (ORF III) & Elke Rock (ORF)

9:05 AM

Keynote: Elvolving Human Consciousness to be in harmony with universe

Charly Kleissner (Club of Rome)

9:25 AM

Keynote: Opportunities and risks of the super election year

with Martin Kocher

9:35 AM

Keynote: Green Flying

9:40 AM

Panel: The Power of Cooperation - Media in Europe

Roland Weissmann (ORF), Andreas Briese (Google Germany), Florian Hermann (Bavarian State Minister of Media), Clemens Pig (APA)

10:25 AM

Keynote: Democracy dies in Darkness

Clemens Pig

10:35 AM

Fireside Chat

Karoline Edtstadler

10:45 AM

Keynote: Exploring Gemini

Maimuna Mosser (Google)

11:00 AM

Keynote: The power of doubt - perceive, adapt & thrive

Beau Lotto (Neuroscientist)

11:10 AM

Panel: Austria's Art Renaissance - Exploring Challenges and Visions

Agnes Husslein (Heidi Horten Collection), Julian Inic (Gallery Meyer Kainer), Florian Reither (Gelatin), Prof. Walter Smerling (Foundation for Art and Culture Bonn), Sophia Stolz (Cake Artist) - presented by Teresa Vogl (ORF)

11:55 AM

Keynote: 4Gamechangers Visualisierung der 17 Nachhaltigkeitsziele (SDG)

Meg Murphy (Advisor to MIT & Harvard - Art & AI), Sergiu Ardelean (Artivive), Sam Hunter Magee (Harvard University) - presented by Teresa Vogl (ORF)

12:15 PM

Keynote: How artsy is AI-generated art?

Heiner Meyer (student Salvador Dali)

12:25 PM

LIVE ACT: Hila Fahima

12:30 PM

Panel: Beyond the Field - Sports as a Driver of Societal Change

Marc Janko (Laureus Sport - "Life Goals"), Patrick Minar (Österreichische Lotterien), Eva Pinkelnig (Skispringerin), Andreas Onea (Schwimmer), Nina Ortlieb (Skifahrerin) - präsentiert von Markus Gull

1:20 PM

Fireside Chat: Erfolgsbeispiele für eine bessere Zukunft

Ulrich Kubinger (VTA), Marianne Neumüller-Klapper (Nespresso)

1:55 PM

Panel: Growth happened yesterday - do we want degrowth?

Ulrich Brand (University of Vienna), Halliki Kreinin (Degrowth Vienna), Elisabeth Zehetner (Oecolution)

2:40 PM

Keynote: Global Energy Transition

Michael Strugl (VERBUND)

2:50 PM

Keynote: Personal Powers for Sustainable Transformation

Aurelia Figueroa

3:00 PM

LIVE ACT: Laura Bilgeri

3:05 PM

Fireside Chat with Charlize Theron

presented by Nadja Bernhard

4:05 PM

Fireside Chat: A Path to Peace against all odds

Mohammed ElBaradei (Nobel peace prize winner), Johannes Hapig (m&k)

4:20 PM

Panel: The Power of Cooperation - Building Bridges between Europe & Africa

Birgit Weyss (Austrian Development Agency), Rohey Malick-Lowe (first elected female mayor of Banjul), Franz Schausberger, Zondwa Mandela, Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal (special representative for Austria's foreign ministry) - presented by Raffaela Schaidreiter (ORF)

5:10 PM

Keynote: Advancing Democracy and Free Speech

Kersti Kaljulaid (former president of the Republic of Estonia)

5:30 PM

Fireside Chat: The US at a Crossroads - impact of the Presidential Election

Merve Hickock (AI-Expert), Franz-Stefan Gady, Christophe Kohl (ORF USA correspondent)

6:00 PM

Comedy: Angelika Niedetzky

6:15 PM

Keynote: Alpbach "Moment of truth"

6:20 PM

Panel: Super Election Year 2024 - Europe's Democracy under Pressure

Kersti Kaljulaid (former president of the Republic of Estonia), Tamara Ehs (democracy researcher), Alma Zadic (Minister of Justice of the Republic of Austria), Bela Nikolai Anda (Consultant for crisis communications)

7:10 PM

Comedy: Maschek

7:20 PM

LIVE ACT: Camo & Krooked

7:25 PM