May 14th - 5:35 PM



Panel: Exploring AI-Evolution -  Between Humanity and Superintelligence

Philosophical considerations regarding the future of Artificial Intelligence range from optimistic visions of support to dystopian concerns about controllability. Can AI systems develop complex emotions and states of consciousness? What psychological aspects need to be investigated to understand potential emotions of AI, and what ethical questions do they raise? The discussion explores the evolution of Artificial Intelligence starting from its current applications to a hypothetical superintelligence and its impacts on our society.

Examining the psychological aspects and ethical considerations related to AI promotes understanding of this technology and enables informed education in this area. This is crucial for the development of skilled professionals and the promotion of educational opportunities in the field of AI.

The discussion on the evolution of AI and its potential impacts on society contributes to fostering innovation in the technology sector. This can help develop new solutions and applications for AI that have positive effects on the economy and infrastructure.

Addressing ethical questions related to AI contributes to strengthening the rule of law and governance. It promotes dialogue on the regulation and accountability of AI systems and helps develop policies and mechanisms to ensure that AI technologies are used in line with societal values.

The discussion on the future of AI requires collaboration between governments, businesses, civil society, and academia to collectively develop solutions to the challenges and opportunities associated with this technology. Partnerships play a crucial role in promoting innovation and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in the context of AI.