May 14th - 2:25 PM



Fireside Chat: Agro-Innovation for Sustainability

In the realm of combating climate change and enhancing food security, collaborative co-creation processes among diverse stakeholders often yield extraordinary outcomes. Essential to this endeavor is the incorporation of local knowledge and context-specific needs. Central to the success of such collaborations are the establishment of trust, the cultivation of shared visions, and a commitment to continuous learning. Critical factors contributing to success include the availability of resources, the varied competencies of stakeholders, and their capacity to seize opportunities and overcome challenges.Innovations aimed at safeguarding soil health, preserving water resources, and protecting biodiversity hold particular promise. These may include advancements in precision agriculture, the adoption of renewable energy sources, the integration of technological innovations, or the implementation of novel farming methods. Moreover, ensuring equitable access to these innovations for women and young people, empowering them as both contributors and beneficiaries, is paramount. Recognizing the urgent need for a sustainable, global transformation of agriculture, it is imperative to foster close collaboration between Africa and Europe. This necessitates a commitment to listening, learning, and mutually beneficial exchange. By embracing this collaborative approach, we can unlock the full potential of agricultural innovation and sustainability, paving the way for a brighter, more resilient future for all.

Zero Hunger - Promoting agricultural innovations and sustainability improves food security.

Gender Equality - The importance of equality for women and young people in the development and application of innovations is emphasized.

Climate Action - Innovative solutions to combat climate change, such as precision agriculture and renewable energy, are discussed.

The need for close collaboration among various stakeholders, including Africa and Europe, is highlighted.