May 14th - 11:00 AM



Panel: Impact Investing

Multiplying money while also improving the world. Sounds too good to be true? However, it's already a reality, known as Impact Investing, enabling individuals to take the next step towards positive change. It involves intentionally deploying capital into social enterprises, projects, or sustainable funds with equally positive impacts, to drive social and environmental changes. From combating climate change to promoting education, Impact Investing offers high-yield investments with positive influences. But how does it work exactly? What investment opportunities are there, and how do we measure their impacts?

Impact Investing can help reduce poverty by targeting investments in social enterprises and projects that implement poverty-alleviating measures.

Impact Investing can finance educational projects that improve access to quality education and reduce educational inequalities.

Investments in sustainable energy projects under Impact Investing contribute to promoting clean energy and combating climate change.

Impact Investing can promote job creation in social enterprises and sustainable projects, thereby supporting economic growth in these areas.

By financing projects to combat climate change, Impact Investing contributes to the implementation of climate protection measures.