May 14th - 9:30 AM



Panel: Human or machine - who is in control?

In a world where AI is increasingly permeating various aspects of our lives, we are faced with the challenge of addressing ethical concerns while simultaneously fostering innovation. The discourse revolves around the question of how we can strike a balance between regulation and innovation. On one hand, we need to address ethical concerns and ensure the safe use of AI. On the other hand, we must not risk stifling the spirit of innovation. There is particular attention given to the different regulatory approaches in Europe, the USA, and China. Europe has established a comprehensive legal framework with the AI Act, which sets out ethical principles and safety standards. However, could this regulation potentially lead to a competitive disadvantage for European companies?

The discussion on promoting innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and technology development contributes to achieving this goal.

The discussion on ethical considerations and the development of regulatory frameworks for artificial intelligence contributes to the establishment of fair and transparent institutions.

Considering the different regulatory approaches in Europe, the USA, and China requires international collaboration and partnerships to achieve balanced regulation that addresses ethical concerns while fostering innovation.