May 14th - 7:10 PM



Panel: Rescue Operation - Strengthening the Austrian Startup Scene

The rescue of the Austrian startup scene requires targeted measures, as despite committed entrepreneurs, the scene is stagnating. According to analyses from the Austrian Startup Monitor, there is a lack of sufficient availability of risk capital, regulatory flexibility, and a business-friendly environment. To revitalize the startup scene, support for early-stage financing, tax incentives, and improved access to markets are crucial. Although the government has launched a €150 million aid package for startups during the COVID-19 crisis, experts are calling for further rescue measures. In international comparison, Austria lags behind in supporting startups, while countries such as the USA have built more successful ecosystems. According to articles from Trending Topics and Der Standard, a holistic approach focusing on financing, regulation, and innovation is necessary to make the Austrian startup scene competitive; otherwise, Vienna risks losing ground to leading startup locations. The panel sheds light on a strong, desirable outlook for the future, highlighting opportunities and equally pressing levers that need to be put into motion.

The promotion of startups and the creation of an entrepreneur-friendly environment support the generation of jobs and economic growth.

Measures to strengthen the startup scene promote innovation and enhance infrastructure for businesses.

By supporting startups, an environment is created that provides opportunities for various groups of people and reduces social inequalities.

Collaboration between government, experts, and other relevant stakeholders is crucial for successfully implementing measures to rescue the startup scene.