Sportfreunde Stiller

Since we started playing concerts again last spring, a blissful mixture of nostalgia and fresh new energy flows through us. It's beautiful, touching and just soothing to celebrate our old songs together with you and to let our new songs arrive with us.

On 11.11.22 our new album "Jeder nur ein X" was released and we would like to announce the "Jeder nur eine X Tour 2023".

What's there? Yes, logo, old classics meet new hits, almost contemporary powerpop almost without hiphop elements, maybe never before seen surprises also for us, pomp, polonaise and positivity and of course: magic drumfills by Flori W. Rakete, pure bassrock by Rüde Rü, celinedion-like vocal gymnastics by Pille Pit Balboa.

We are looking forward and invite you to be there when it's called again: