Lisa Pac

Lisa Pac dubbed her 2021 debut EP “What If...?!“, so it should come as no surprise that she has a tendency to overthink things. And while the result is often impressively well thought out: getting there is not easy. A little while ago, the Vienna pop singer, songwriter and producer found herself stuck in a personal and creative loop: “I was worried about the future, what my music is gonna sound like, what I should look like, what happened in the past, overthinking a lot really”, Lisa recalls.

Luckily, two people helped her snap out of that loop: teaming up with songwriters Gil Lewis and Richard Judge, Lisa Pac turned the topic of being stuck in her own head into an inspiring song, "Work of Art”. Sonically breaking new ground, the current “Songwriter of the Year” nominee at the “Austrian Grammys” Amadeus Music Awards calls her new single “the beginning of a new era for me”.

Over a soundscape of brooding basslines, glitchy electronics and distorted vocal effects, Lisa Pac sings about an encounter that changes everything for her: “When you kiss my lips I taste / All my problems slip away, erase my pain / Turn my pages like I’m paper / Draw me something we can savour”. Rather than seeing her individual flaws, they appreciate her for what she is: “In all my colours, you know what’s there / You make it better.“

| 1 Song | 30.06.2022