Inequality of wealth: How can we prevent increasing inequality in society?

High prices, exploding energy costs and an inflation rate of 11.2%, which reached its highest level in 70 years in Austria in January 2023. Life is becoming ever more expensive and it seems that no section of society is spared. This raises the critical question of how consumers can still shoulder the rising costs and how can we prevent the social classes from drifting further apart? Anna Parr (Secretary General Caritas Austria), Beate Meinl-Reisinger (Chairwoman NEOS), Claudia Plakolm (State Secretary for Youth & Civilian Service), Hanno Lorenz (Deputy Director Agenda Austria), NIna Sophie Fritsch (Researcher WU Vienna) and Barbara Kauffmann (Director for Employment and Social Policy) discuss this with PULS 24 presenter Gundula Geiginger.