Wolfgang Gebetsroither

CEO // Hausverstand Bau GmbH

From 1993, Wolfgang Gebetsroither, CEO of Hausverstand Bau GmbH, was responsible for the sale of frame houses and timber-framed houses in Austria. This enabled him to acquire a great deal of knowledge about the needs of builders over a number of years.
In 2003, he began importing the predecessor of the HolzZiegel as a building product to Austria. However, after 8 years he realized that improvements were needed to withstand the constantly increasing environmental influences, such as high snow loads and strong winds.

With the help of an Austrian research institute, the Normstabil © HolzZiegel, internationally known as Alpinebrick ©, was developed over a period of around 1.5 years. The result has already been successfully marketed in Austria for the last 10 years and is now set to serve as a game changer in the construction industry to enable affordable living with a focus on an ecological future.