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Hannah Lux

Social entrepreneur // Vollpension

Hannah Lux, born 1987, is a Austrian Social Entrepreneur, visionary and bridge builder. At the moment she is focusing on her intergenerational social business "Vollpension", which she is leading and has co-founded together with her partners. With her work Hannah shows that social, ecological and economic goals can be met at the same time within an organisation and lead to sustainable social innovation. Next to initiating and setting up several social innovation initiatives, Hannah has also made profound ecosystem experience in her work at Impact Hub Vienna and through her master studies on Public Policy for political entrepreneurship and Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance in Berlin. Her life and founding experience has led to one goal in all of her initiatives: creating and holding space for diversity, enabling humans to connect on a heart to heart and eye to eye level in order to shape a diverse and colorful, healthy world, full of compassion. Hannah has also co-founded SENA (Social Entrepreneurship Network Austria), is part of Global Shapers Vienna (a network for young changemakers of the World Economic Forum), is part of the supervisory board for creative industries of the Ministry of Economics and Digitalization of Austria and has recently been nominated to the advisory board of "AWS", the promotional bank of the Austria federal government.




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