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Felix Ohswald

Co-Founder and CEO // GoStudent

Felix Ohswald is Co-Founder and CEO of the Vienna-based digital learning platform GoStudent. In November 2020, Felix was included in the Forbes "30 under 30" ranking. He founded the company, which started as a homework chat, at the age of 21. He had already completed his first degree in mathematics at the University of Vienna, which he started at the age of 14, before his Matura. He also completed a further mathematics degree at the renowned University of Cambridge. During his Master's degree in Quantitative Finance at ETH Zurich, Felix founded GoStudent.
Felix Ohswald has made it his goal to found the No. 1 global school with GoStudent and thus revolutionise the international tutoring market.

At GoStudent, we work passionately every day to fulfill our mission of building the #1 global school. We want that one day, every child in the world will be able to reach their full potential.
That's why we've made it our mission to revolutionize tutoring - by providing inspiring, sustainable, and affordable one-on-one online tutoring from top teachers who are individually selected for our students.
GoStudent is a rapidly growing online learning platform and currently employs +400 people in 7 international locations and +10 countries. Every month +350,000 tutoring units are booked. Currently GoStudent has around 10,000 customers and 3,000 tutors.



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