Anika Mehlis

Analog Astronaut // Austrian Space Forum

Born 1981 in Germany. Biology studies with focus on Microbiology at Free University of Berlin, as well as Engineering for Environmental Technology and Recycling at University of Applied Sciences Zwickau. Working experience as chemical-technical assistant at an environmental lab, as lecturer at University Plauen and as a team leader in “infection protection and environmental medicine” in the Health Department Plauen, Germany. Currently PhD studies in Public Health at Bielefeld University and desk officer for infection control and hygiene at the Academy for Public Health Service in Düsseldorf. She is also a lecturer, keynote speaker, consultant and translator. She is mother to three daughters. Anika Mehlis has an Advanced Open Water diver license and is fluent in German and English. An analog astronaut since 2019, she was part of the flight crew for four week Amadee20 mission in Israel in October 2021 conducted by the Austrian Space Forum.