Where we are best cared for

Sick federal states

This 4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk is about the different ways in which chronically ill people in particular are cared for, exemplified in the programme by diabetics. The aim is to show the situation, to describe the hurdles of those affected in the system, to explain the causes and to look for solutions.


  • Frederik DeBong - Chief Science Officer hi.health
  • Fiona Fiedler - Member of the National Council, NEOS
  • Gerald Gschlössl - President Austromed
  • Dr. Andreas Krauter - Chief Physician of ÖGK
  • Dr. Sigrid Pilz - Nursing & Patient Advocate
  • Dr. Thomas Wascher - Head of Diabetes Outpatient Clinic Hanuschkrankenhaus & President of DIÖ
  • Host: Martin Rümmele - Health Journalist