What does digitalisation mean for the future in the education system?

Screens instead of chalkboards

This autumn, a major digitisation offensive will be launched in Austria's schools. From the first semester of 2021, around 150,000 pupils in all 5th and 6th grades will receive digital devices - including all teachers who teach in these classes. How do you ideally implement such a digitisation offensive? What is necessary to really achieve meaningful progress in the classrooms?


Iris Rauskala - Leiterin der Präsidialsektion im Bundesministerium Bildung, Wissenschaft und Forschung
Ingo Stein - Lerndesigner & E-Learning Beauftragter, Neue Mittelschule Koppstraße
Michael Stadlmann - Landesschulsprecher NÖ
Gerhard Uitz - Schulleiter Private Mittelschule Zwettl

Host: Florian Danner - PULS 4