Pitch Sessions 2022 | 08.06.2022

Your Pitch, your idea - Pitch Sessions 2022: Final

FINALE, finally! We have all been waiting for this. The startups Damn Plastic, lignovations, circly and afreshed have cleared the first big hurdle and thus made it into the final. But who will really manage to convince the jury in the final meters?

The startups in this episode

Iris Braun - Startup(Share)

Victoria Neuhofer, Stephanie Sinko - Startup (Damn Plastic)

Martin Mittner - Startup (lignovations)

Eric Ryan Weisz - Startup (circly)

Bernhard Bucksrucker, Maximilian Welzenbach - Startup (afreshed)


Jürgen Wilde-Ennöckl - Investment Manager of tecnet equity

Yvonne Pirkner - Partnerin Goodshares Consulting

Hannes Summerer - accent Inkubator

Kambis Kohansal Vajargah - Head of Startup-Services


Chris Stephan