Your Pitch, your idea - Pitch Sessions 2022: B2C

Pitch Sessions 2022 | 04.05.2022

4GAMECHANGERS Pitch Session 2022
The kick-off of our Pitch Sessions in 2022 starts with the PrePitchs of the startups Eddi Bike, Share, WischWasch and Radish. Who will get one round further? Interesting and exciting moments guaranteed!

The startups in this episode
Stephan Ziegler - Startup (Eddibike)
Iris Braun – Startup (Share)
Monika Zacherl - Startup (Wisch Wasch)
Florian Binder - Startup (Radish)

Manuel Widmann - Director of Think Tank & Operations Austrian StartUps
Wolfgang Wörner - Serial Entrepreneur
Elisabeth Zehetner - Federal Managing Director of Gründerservice & der jungen Wirtschaft Vienna, Head of Target Group Management Department

Julia Ebermann