4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 19.10.2022

No doctors - no appointments - we have a structural problem

Why is it hardly possible or not possible at all in Austria what already works elsewhere? The answer to the question of whether electronic support can help here is: "Yes, at least in part." Under the keyword "innovative communication", the path to telemedical care will be drawn using "best practice" examples. What is needed, how can it work, what makes sense and what is currently still failing? Discussion by the following


  • Rudolf Anschober, ehemaliger österr. Bundesminister für Gesundheit
  • OA Dr. Christian Ciardi, Krankenhaus St. Vinzenz, Zams
  • Agnes Loidl, Diabetesberaterin KH Natters
  • Dr. Arno Melitopulos-Daum, Leiter ÖGK Landesstelle Tirol
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Schwarz, Uniklinikum Carl Gustav Carus der TU Dresden
  • Prof. Thomas Wascher, Leiter der Diabetesambulanz im Hanuschkrankenhaus und Präsident der DIÖ
  • Host: Wolfgang Schiefer - ATV