October 16th 2022 in Mayrhofen/Zillertal


THE online-event for a new working environment

More than 50 invited guests from politics, business, tourism, show business and sports, including renowned speakers, numerous students, apprentices and pupils, will talk about the work culture of the future in the Ahornbahn Mayrhofen.
The gondola will travel up and down more than 30 times on this day. On each gondola ride, one guest, and sometimes several guests, will present their thoughts and approaches to solutions for the challenges of the working world.
A gondola ride only lasts about ten minutes, so brevity is the spice!

Guests in the gondola are:

  • Claudia Plakolm, State Secretary in the Federal Chancellery with a focus on young people
  • Eva Landrichtinger, Secretary General at the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs
  • Elisabeth Köstinger, former Federal Minister for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, CEO Mountain-View Data
  • Franz Hörl, Member of the National Council, cableway spokesman in the Chamber of Commerce
  • Oliver and Amira Pocher, comedian and presenter
  • Samuel Koch, actor and author
  • Lars Amend, author and mental coach
  • Rene Borbonus, book author and speaker

Also present:
Stefan Frädrich, Andreas Steibl, Philipp Stohner, Norbert Waldnig, Stefan Ermer, Hubert Siller, Florian Grösswang, Andreas Bierwirth, Maria-Theresa Schinnerl, Silke Seeman, Theresa Haid, Daniel Stock, Julia Schwärzler Alexander Eder, Aaron Mathews, 2:tages:bart, apprentices, pupils, students and much more.

The Gondola Slam will be moderated by Stefan Steinacher, Karina Toth and Denise Neher.

Starting at nine o'clock in the morning, our guests will ride up and down Austria's largest gondola in 15-minute intervals and talk about various topics related to the world of work. The individual lectures or interviews will be transmitted via livestream directly from the gondola to the Internet.

Under the motto - "Together it's uphill - we're all in the same gondola!" we broadcast 8 hours live from the Ahornbahn in Mayrhofen!

It's about more appreciation for the service, sustainability, new work, digitalization, energy, humanity and a new work culture - topics that currently move and occupy us all! The focus of the Gondola Slam is clearly on the "Next Generation" - we have already been able to attract students from various tourism schools, award-winning apprentices and MCI students for the event - young people get the opportunity to present their concerns and wishes to a wide audience!

For more information check out: https://gastrojam.com/