4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 15.02.2023

When the chemistry is right: How is our future developing?

When it sizzles and sparks, we say "We have chemistry. So in really nice moments, we also think about a scientific subject. On the other hand, many of us are skeptical when it comes to chemistry-related topics such as vaccinations and other parts of conventional medicine, genetic engineering, and so on. In this program, we want to explore this skepticism and find explanations for what it is based on and, most importantly, discuss ways to build more trust.

We also talk about the role of the chemical industry in the fight against the climate crisis.

Discussed by the following


  • Sylvia Hofinger, CEO Professional Association of the Chemical Industry AT
  • Thomas Jakl, Head of Department Chemical Policy, Ministry of Environment
  • Martin Kugler, Science journalist
  • Nuno Maulide, Scientist of the year 2018-19
  • Lydia Wölflingseder, Natural scientist in cancer research
  • Host: Mathias Pascottini - PULS 4