4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 16.03.2022

Austrian Digital Creators

The broad topic we are looking at today is how YouTube contributes to education - the platform serves as an absolute opportunity provider, enabling creators and their users to acquire skills, new skills, as well as spread digital knowledge. Today we focus on the creators behind the successful channels and their digital development, what were the ultimate milestones, we discuss the scope and importance of YouTube as an educational platform, how do YouTube creators deal with this responsibility, how indispensable is this ongoing progress, the continuous acquisition of skills, content-related, thematic know-how and digital knowledge?

Today's 4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk is all about the platform and its "Austrian Digital Creators". Discussing with us:


  • Nana Janashia - Youtube Creator "Tech World with Nana“
  • Ali Mahlodji - Founder whatchado & Youtube Creator "Die Ali Mahlodji Show"
  • Martin Moder - Youtube Creator "M.E.G.A - Make Europe Gscheit Again"
  • PÄNDA - Singer Songwriter
  • Stefan Stücklschweiger - CO Founder Fifteen Seconds Festiva
  • Doris Wilkens - Head of YouTube Media Partnerships Germany
  • Joanna Zhou - Youtube Creator Cute Life Hacks & Maqaroon
  • Host: Verena Schneider - PULS 4