4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 27.04.2022

Digital Skills for Austria

In Austria, the digital transformation is thriving. The potential of the Austrian economy in the global and digitalized market is different, but could be more better in the future. Even if it is not yet possible to assess all the effects of the digital transformation at the moment, it is the key to an environmentally friendly, economically strengthened and shared future. What is the importance of digital education here - so-called digital upskilling? Why is an interplay of government, business and a societal rethink essential for transformation? And why is digital transformation the basis for an ecologically valuable future? This exciting 4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk will address all these questions.


  • Christine Antlanger- Winter - Country Manager Google Austria
  • Mahdis Gahraei - Founder Female Factor
  • Nina Kaiser - Co-Founder 4GAMECHANGERS
  • Martin Kocher - Federal Minister for Labor
  • Ali Mahlodji - Author “Next Level Work”
  • Isabella Miglinci - Marketing Manager Austria Codecool
  • Gregor Müller - Co-Founder GoStudent
  • Host: Corinna Milborn - PULS 4