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Floorible takes a completely new approach to communicating the potential of a property. The team is developing a software that allows to automatically recognize images or scans of floor plans and then convert them into a digitalized plan. These 2D plans are then furnished by algorithms and a visualization is generated, which is used by real estate agents for marketing purposes, e.g. in real estate advertisements. In addition, floorible creates a 3D model from the digitized floor plan, which is then made available to the real estate agents as a furnished 3D visualization. In order to cover the value chain completely, it is now possible to dive into virtual reality with the help of the software itself.

The next generation bike subscription.
High investments in cycling infrastructure show the rethinking of cities. The 200,000 customers of first-time provider Swapfiets show that the European market is ready for bicycle subscriptions. The younger generation is placing greater emphasis on sustainability and flexibility. With EDDI carefree through the city: Stylish bike. Service, repair, replacement directly at the customer - within 24 hours. Including theft insurance!

Ellion Bindings
The product is designed to offer a better alternative to the status quo of snowboard bindings, the buckle bindings. Compared to normal buckle bindings and step-in systems of the competition, the product is specially designed to provide improved boarding with the same hold, comfort, convenience, board control and safety. The competitive advantage is that Ellion Bindings can keep its promise to offer the binding at a small additional cost to standard buckle bindings. Ellion Bindings is a former Jugend Innovativ team!

Many enthusiastic campers know the situation: It starts to rain right at the time of towing. Often it is difficult to move the caravan then. You need a lot of power, get wet, dirty or sweaty. A relaxed arrival or departure is often impossible. This is where Trailax comes in! With Trailax, no effort is required to couple the trailer to the towing vehicle, this happens fully automatically. Furthermore, if it rains, you can easily control the trailer from the vehicle or a place protected from the rain using the Android app. You neither get dirty nor wet.

BioMotion Technologies
Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are waiting for the life-saving donor organ and unfortunately we are far from being able to meet this demand. Bioprinting aims to produce cell-based 3D tissue models that behave like the tissue in the human body. Currently it costs research institutes several tens of thousands of Euros and about 4-6 months time to convert a single bio-printer. This is exactly the problem that needs to be solved. BioMotion Technologies has developed a low-cost 3D bio-printer that reduces the time required for conversion from months to days. This highly modular bio-printer is intended to serve as an open R&D platform that can be quickly adapted to the needs of researchers. This setup ensures that future research questions can be answered that have not been asked before.

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