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Creating new perspectives in medicine. State-of-the-art 2D monitors are used to display medical 3D data, such as CT or MRI scans. The basic idea behind Augmentomy is to visualise precisely this data in real 3D using augmented reality (AR). The representation in AR offers doctors a deeper understanding of the anatomy of their patients and thus enables more precise planning of medical interventions. By combining AR and Artificial Intelligence (AI), these 3D medical scans will also provide doctors with enhanced information during surgery, allowing for faster and less invasive procedures.

At eiria we love moss! Why? Moss is powerful, versatile, beautiful to look at, shy at parties, but once you get to know it, it's just awesome. Really: the hidden champion among green plants! Numerous studies prove the central role of the indoor climate for our well-being and health. After all, we spend more than 20 hours a day indoors. The moss panels from eiria improve the indoor climate, reduce the sound level, have a stress-reducing effect and increase productivity. At the same time, the automated lighting and watering system allows perfect living conditions for the mosses, with minimal maintenance. As the first provider of indoor living moss installations, eiria stands out from its competitors. Offices, train stations and shopping malls are just a few of the many places where the solution provides well-being - maybe soon in your city too.

Our vision is to make going to the notary as easy as ordering a pizza. We are bringing the European notary's office into the 21st century. Since April 2020, it has been (legally) possible in Austria to draw up notarial deeds completely digitally. However, what has become legally possible is not happening in reality. In the first year, only 0.2% of all files were processed digitally - over 90% of notaries currently offer no digital services at all. We are developing a web app that maps the entire process for the digital creation of notarial deeds. Together with our partner-notaries, we are turning the digital notarial act into a success story.

The young team of SENNsenn - four cheese enthusiasts - has set itself the goal of producing purely plant-based cheese substitutes that come as close as possible to conventional dairy cheese in terms of taste and consistency. Quality and sustainability are of paramount importance. Regional raw materials such as hemp seeds, soft apricot seeds and soybeans serve as the basis. Vegan lactic acid bacteria and fermentation processes create the unmistakable aroma. In cooperation with the Institute of Food Science at BOKU, vegan recipes are developed and flavours unfolded in extensive research work. All cheese? Of course. 

Billions of items of clothing are gathering dust in our wardrobes - a waste of resources on a dramatic scale. At the same time, there is a growing desire for even more fashionable variety, as well as eco-friendliness and affordability in clothing. Uptraded brings all these needs together. The clothes swapping app uptraded combines the proven swipe & match principle of dating apps with the mechanics of P2P secondhand platforms. Users swipe through the clothes of others (right = like; left = dislike). A mutual like creates a non-binding "match", which opens a chat function through which the users can agree to swap clothes. Uptraded is a clothes swapping app that offers the cheapest, most sustainable and social way to keep your wardrobe up to date in a fun way.