Savior Economy - Capitalism does not have to destroy the earth

Man-made climate change is a fact that has already been proven many times. Whether mankind believes it or not. And although the global changes are already being felt first hand, humanity still does not seem to be aware of the urgency to act. Some climate activists believe that we need to end capitalism in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Traditional economic models often seem to ignore the well-being of society and disregard the future and its warning signs. But what does this deafness to reality really mean on a finite planet? How should or can democratic societies achieve the best results for a climate-friendly future if voters cannot or will not accept facts? How can we change society and encourage it to think and act without resorting to undemocratic measures or coercion? Gundula Geiginger (PULS 4/PULS 24) discusses these issues: Anika Dafert (Fridays for Future - Salzburg), Werner Boote (film director "Plastic Planet"), Conrad Amber (Bäume), Günther Mayr (ORF), Margit Kapfer (Denkstatt), Marianne Neumüller-Klapper (Nespresso) and Climate Minister Leonore Gewessler (Grüne).