Joicey, born and raised in Hamburg, is a singer-songwriter for electronic music across various genres. Her musical roots began in 2020 in the Psytrance genre, where she started collaborating long-term with the German producer Fabio Fusco.

Starting with piano at the age of 6, classical compositions at 8, and later adding guitar and vocals around 12, music has been indispensable throughout her life. She gained extensive experience as a live singer and electric guitarist in school bands, later at university, and as part of a hired cover band. Beginning with pop songwriting in her bedroom, she gradually made connections with producers, leading to her first pop single. This eventually led her to apply in 2020 to collaborate with Psytrance producer Fabio Fusco, initiating a long-term partnership with many live performances in clubs and at national and international festivals such as Airbeat Festival (during the pandemic, it was the "Airbeat Car Edition" Festival), Indian Spirit Festival, Ikarus Festival, Nibirii Festival, Tomorrowland Festival, and many more. With Fabio Fusco, Joicey has already completed 7 tours of Brazil, culminating in her performance at the Flor Da Vida Festival in March 2024, in front of 20,000 people.

In addition to her project with Fabio Fusco, Joicey also collaborates with artists from other genres as a singer-songwriter. Through the electronic music label KONTOR Records, Joicey is currently very active in the Deep House / Melodic House genre. Nevertheless, Joicey is a huge Drum & Bass fan, which is why she applied to work with Camo & Krooked in 2022. She is thrilled to perform live at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival on May 16th with Camo & Krooked's single "Falling."