4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 17.01.2024

SANOFI Yearbook 2024

SANOFI Annual Report Presentation 2023
"Smart Healthcare: AI Systems as Partners in the Healthcare System"

Artificial intelligence increasingly encounters us in our daily lives, and we are learning to adapt to it. But what does it mean for us in the realms of health policy and medicine?

What is understood by the virtual patient, and where can the latest technologies provide added value? How far have we progressed in Austria? Where is artificial intelligence already benefiting us, and, for instance, how can it significantly contribute to drug development?


  • Julia Guizani, CEO, Sanofi Austria
  • Rolf Gleißner, Head of Department for Social and Health Policy Austria
  • Gertraud Leimüller, CEO Winnovation and leiwand.ai
  • Peter Lehner, Chairman of the Conference of Social Insurance Institutions
  • Romana Ruda, CEO Future Health Lab
  • Wolfgang Ebner, Office Manager, State Secretariat for Digitalization and Telecommunications
  • Keynote von Gertraud Leimüller, Geschäftsführerin Winnovation und leiwand.ai