Austrian Influencer Marketing Award



The Austrian Influencer Marketing Association selects the best influencer channels and marketing campaigns across ten different categories, in cooperation with 4GAMECHANGERS. The most extraordinary will be honored with "Golden Hashtag" trophies at 4GAMECHANGERS Festival in Marx Halle Vienna.

We are looking for the best influencers and influencer campaigns in the country. In doing so, we put great importance to authenticity, high interaction rates and credible content. Promotional messages can be conveyed in a charming and credible way too. In the social media area of Austria’s advertising landscape, more and more companies are therefore relying on cooperations with influencers. We acknowledge the most credible and authentic implementations of Austrian advertisers.

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Nominate your favorite influencer for free, no strings attached.

You can nominate an influencer in the following categories:

  • Best Instagram
  • Best Podcast
  • Best Twitch
  • Best Tik Tok
  • Best Youtube


We honor the most outstanding influencer campaigns in the country based on a range of evaluation criteria. Interactions, growth, engagement and creative content matter, but most important is the positive influence they have on their audiences.

Campaigns can be submitted by agencies, companies, influencers or other included partners.

You can submit a campaign in the following categories:

  • Best Influencer Campaign
  • Best Branded Partnership
  • Best Branded Online Video
  • Best Influencer Event
  • Best Product Sample

Submissions are only valid after payment of the submission fee. Submission period: FEB 6, 2020 - FEB 28, 2021

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