Sustainable future: quick wins vs. long-term strategies

We are at a decisive turning point in our time: long-term thinking vs. short-term thinking. It is about shaping the destiny of our planet. Long-term thinking means planting seeds today for a future under whose shadow we may never sit. Short-term thinking, on the other hand, thrives on instant gratification and can lead to a short-sighted existence. Companies that promote long-term thinking are proven to achieve higher growth and create more jobs. But this change requires a concerted effort: Society must demand long-term thinking from leaders as well as their peers and support sustainable businesses. Large corporations should look beyond quarterly profits and invest in sustainability & innovation. Science must work together to find solutions that outlast political cycles and generations. This panel aims to be a catalyst for change and call for a mindset shift to create a greener future together. Marga Hoek, Founder & CEO Business for Good, Ian Carnelli, Hera Project Manager ESA, Pablo Garcia Tello, Section Head EU Office CERN, Marianne Neumüller-Klapper, Director Sustainability Nespresso Austria, and Aurelia Rochelle Figueroa, Director Sustainability Breitling will discuss this topic.