© Photo by Christopher Glanzl


Erich Fenninger

Social manager // Volkshilfe

Erich Fenninger is a social manager and a fighter for social justice. He comes from a social work background, studied social science and has led Volkshilfe Austria for two decades. At the height of the so-called refugee crisis in 2015, he invited people to the solidarity concert "Voices for Refugees" at Heldenplatz and 200,000 people came. In protest against the abolition of the minimum security, he stayed overnight in a tent for nine days. His heart project is the abolition of child poverty in Austria.

Volkshilfe was founded in 1947 as a non-partisan, non-profit welfare association to alleviate post-war famine and unemployment. Later, the focus was added on child care, care for people in need of care, refugee aid, and disaster and development aid. Volkshilfe acts as a political watchdog and mouthpiece for all disadvantaged people in Austria and campaigns for greater social justice.



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