Corinna Sahl

International conflict researcher, management consultant and director of Lernlust.JETZT! // Lernlust.JETZT!

Corinna Britta Sahl is an international conflict researcher, studied in Paris, St. Andrews and London, and has been working as an educational innovator and management consultant since 2017. Her focus is on Relational and Emotional Intelligence. In addition to building her consultancy, she has managed the German office of the social enterprise Roots of Empathy, as well as facilitated a variety of other projects focused on educational transformation and social-emotional learning in education. Now she leads the education and citizenship initiative Lernlust.JETZT! - initiated by Prof. Gerald Hüther and Margret Rasfeld. In addition, Corinna teaches Emotion Education (building on the work of New York psychologist Hilary Jacobs Hendel) and is in training as a family and couples therapist at the German-Danish Institute in Berlin, founded by Jesper Juul. What Lernlust. JETZT! is all about: LernLust.JETZT! has set itself the goal of ensuring that no child or adolescent is allowed to lose their innate joy of learning in our education system. The core of the initiative is the participation of students, teachers, parents and other interested parties in a joint local alliance. Because everyone is affected by the situation and everyone wants change. In the local alliances, they try out together how a sustainable world and a new culture of learning and relationships can take shape.