Chloe Combi

Author, Speaker, Researcher, Director, Futurist // Chloe Combi Consulting

Chloe Combi is an author, speaker, consultant, researcher and futurist. She has interviewed over 10,000 members of Gen Z and Gen A, so her work is backed up by a unique combination of qualitative and quantitative research. Her first book, Generation Z: Their Voices, Their Lives, was a bestseller and her next book is published in 2024. She wrote and hosted the #1 Apple Podcast. You Don't Know Me, which explored the lives of global teenagers. She directed a hit VR series with Meta called Weird Times, which tackled teenage mental health through the medium of VR and they are currently creating S2. She has worked with the globe's biggest brands, spoken at the UN and advised on American Presidential campaign and would like to qualify a futurist is not someone who believes they can predict the future (because no one can!), but someone who studies the future via future generations.