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Brittany Kaiser

#OwnYourData Foundation & Cambridge Analytica Whistleblower // Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA), #OwnYourData Foundation

Born in Houston, Texas, Brittany Kaiser grew up in Chicago and went to high school at Phillips Academy Andover. She went on to study at Edinburgh University, before earning post-graduate degrees in international relations at The University of Edinburgh (MA with honors), an LLM in international human rights law at the University of London Birkbeck College, and an Masters in Philosophy in international law and diplomacy at Middlesex University. While in school, Brittany became involved in progressive politics and helped on the new media team for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. After that, she spent several years working on human rights projects around the world, including for Amnesty International, lobbying the United Nations and the European Parliament to stop crimes against humanity, and contributing to human rights research projects in Asia and Africa. From 2014 to 2018, she worked in both the UK and the US as Director of Business Development for Cambridge Analytica - the data analytics company that helped Trump and Brexit supporters win the 2016 election. In 2018, Brittany Kaiser decided to make Cambridge Analytica's illegal data practices public, sparking one of the biggest political and social scandals.

Brittany Kaiser is Co-Founder of the Digital Asset Trade Association (DATA), a nonprofit lobbying firm advancing legislative reform protecting the rights of individuals to control their own digital assets. To raise awareness of data rights, she co-founded the #OwnYourData Foundation, to promote digital literacy education. Brittany is also the primary subject of the Netflix Original documentary "The Great Hack" and the author of "Targeted" published 2019 by Harper Collins.

Netflix Original "The Great Hack"

Book "Targeted"