Aman Haile

National Committee Relationship Manager // UNICEF

Aman Haile is currently a National Committee Relationship Manager with UNICEF's Division of Private Fundraising and Partnerships, which works with the private sector to generate resources and leverage influence to create lasting impact for children everywhere. Prior to his roles in UNICEF, Aman worked on several humanitarian and development initiatives with non-profits and international agencies in Afghanistan, Mozambique, and with refugee committees in Kenya. With a background in human security and peacebuilding, Aman's passion is focused on empowering local communities, governments and civil society in advancing their development and addressing the root causes of poverty, inequality and injustice within their unique contexts. As a former child refugee, Aman is also committed and passionate about the commitment and protection of children's rights and that young people are actively engaged in the decision making processes that profoundly shape their futures.