Arnela Graf

Arnela Graf was born on 01.08.1994 in Feldkirch. Already in the first years of her life her
musical talent was already recognizable in her early years. At the tender age of three, she began her education at the at the Feldkirch Music School, where she took lessons in piano, violin and classical singing.
classical singing.

She gained her first stage experience at the age of 16 at "citypoolbeatz" in the poolbar in Feldkirch.
There she attracted attention with her unusual interpretations of cover songs. At discovered her passion for soul, pop & R'n'B at this time.
After graduating from high school, she stayed true to her path and devoted all her energy and time to music. Her dreams and visions drew her to Vienna, where she completed her singer-songwriter training at the German Pop Academy.

New encounters and new musical influences have inspired her and strengthened her strengthened her path. In 2016, she met her current band members, with whom she founded the cover band founded the cover band 9toFive. Numerous gigs followed.

Together with the scene and lifestyle venue Sneak In, they brought the jam session to life. Especially the musical exchange with band members has made Arnela the ambitious and passionate musician she is today.

In 2020, Arnela released her first solo debut single, which she co-wrote with Vincent Bueno. Later that same year, Arnela met Amadeus Nominee David Slomo. Alongside producers Gabriel Geber and Robert Wallner, they worked on the singer-songwriter's first EP, which was released on October 21, 2022, on EQ Music (supported by the Austrian Music Fund). Also featured on the EP is PAMO, largely known for German hip-hop/rap. Their collaborative song "Subway" was created during a songwriting camp earlier in the year (produced by Kevin Lehr, LOST). The EP "Remedium" reflects her love for songwriting and good pop music. With these four songs, Arnela processes the pain of past love relationships and experiences. Thus, the title of the EP could hardly be more fitting, as "Remedium" means "healing" in Latin.

The eponymous single, a moving ballad, found its place in the Apple Music playlist "Wortschätze" and in the Shazam Top 200 charts in AT and CH (Week 03 2023 AT - Top 200 #79, Week 04 2023 AT - Top 200 #99, Week 49 2022 AT - Top 200 #149, Week 50 2022 CH - Top 200 #63). Her song "Warum sagst du’s dann" made it into the Shazam Top 50 charts of Switzerland at #8 (Week 40 2022).

Through her captivating live performances and her inspiring message to overcome negative experiences and look optimistically towards the future, she delights her audience and leaves a lasting impression with her soulful voice.

In the spring of 2024, a new song by the outstanding singer will be released on "EQ Music".