Pitch Sessions 2022 | 18.05.2022

Your Pitch, your idea - Pitch Sessions 2022: Health

All good things are three! The third episode of the Pitch Sessions in 2022 promises many new rays of hope for those all-important Sustainable Development Goals. In this episode, the startups VitaBlick, Green-Bag Getränke, Mobil60plus, Smartmelts and Lignovations are on board.

The startups in this episode
Amadeus Linzer - Startup (VITABLICK)
Hermann Moser – Startup (myDigitalTwin)
Martin Miltner - Startup (lignovations)
Bernhard Gager - Startup (Green-Bag Getränke)

Manuel Widmann - Director of Think Tank & Operations Austrian StartUps
Wolfgang Wörner - Serial Entrepreneur
Elisabeth Zehetner - Federal Managing Director of Gründerservice & der jungen Wirtschaft Vienna, Head of Target Group Management Department

Julia Ebermann