Pitch Sessions 2022 | 11.05.2022

Your Pitch, your idea - Pitch Sessions 2022: Founding Ladies

The second episode of the Pitch Sessions in 2022 promises to present more interesting startup projects, all of them from young fe:male founders, who can better achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. This time, startups Tulipans, Damn Plastic, Touchquadrat, Widado and Wiffme are diligently pitching their ideas to our 4GAMECHANGERS jury.

The startups in this episode
Leonhard & Julia Tulipan - Startup Tulipans
Victoria Neuhofer & Stephanie Sinko - Startup Damn Plastic
Cong Chen – Startup Tuchquadrat
Irene Schranda & Elisabeth Fischer - Startup Widado
Lukas Ertl - Startup Wiffme Jury
Manuel Widmann - Director of Think Tank & Operations Austrian StartUps
Wolfgang Wörner - Serial Entrepreneur
Elisabeth Zehetner - Federal Managing Director of Gründerservice & der jungen Wirtschaft Vienna, Head of Target Group Management Department Moderation
Julia Ebermann