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Breaking News: First Lady of Ukraine Olena Selenska to speak at 4GAMECHANGERS Festival on May 17th

In February 2022, the large-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops began. Fourteen months after the beginning of Russia's still ongoing attack on Ukraine, Olena Selenska, First Lady of Ukraine and founder of the non-profit Olena Selenska Foundation speaks for the first time and virtually on stage at the 4GAMECHANGERS Festival on May 17 in Vienna.

Olena Selenska in conversation with PULS 24 Infochefin Corinna Milborn: "The biggest problem of the Ukrainians at the moment is the destroyed infrastructure. Especially the medical facilities: Hundreds of hospitals and outpatient clinics are totally destroyed."

Children in particular would also suffer especially from the war: "Children suffer just as much as adults, but it will affect their future much more. We have among the victims many children, injured children, children with trauma, abducted children. Education is especially suffering in Ukraine. Less than half of the schools have a shelter. The other children learn online," Selenska said.

The Olena Selenska Foundation's principle is that every person in Ukraine deserves to feel physically and mentally healthy and safe, to exercise their right to education and to build a future in their home country. Olena Selenska established the non-profit foundation in September 2022. The goal of the Olena Selenska Foundation is to help as many people in Ukraine as possible. The focus of the foundation is on people and their well-being: "Among other things, we are collecting donations to rebuild medical facilities, for example in the Isjum region. The hospital there is completely destroyed and yet courageous doctors continue to work there."

Above all, the educational opportunities of Ukrainian children are a major concern for Selenska and her foundation: "Learning online is not real education. We lack notebooks, tablets and, above all, teachers. That's why we're trying to help the state set up shelters in schools and help with notebooks."

Due to Olena Selenska's last-minute commitment, 4GAMECHANGERS will start as early as 08:30 on Wednesday, May 17. The program at will be adjusted shortly.

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