a balancing act between rules and individual responsibilities

Major project: "The Future of Europe"

At the start of the pandemic, there was a lot of solidarity, but very quickly measures to contain the spread of the virus became politicized and positions among politicians, in the media, and especially on social media, hardened. What is the role of the state in protecting fundamental rights and don't citizens also have duties to society? Why is disinformation spread so quickly, how do filter bubbles form? Here, heavy-hitters from Austria and Israel discuss to be able to compare the approach in the pandemic and quickly come to the conclusion that the challenges are cross-border after all. What is clear is that, in the aftermath of the pandemic, there are fundamental questions to be addressed in the areas of education, government accountability, ownership, and the rebuilding of fact-based discourse - all over the world.

4GAMECHANGERS DAY - April, 29th 2021


Mickey Gitzin - Executive Director New Israel Fund
Richard David Precht - Philosoph & Autor
Andreas Bierwirth - CEO Magenta
Corinna Milborn - Infochefin PULS 4

Host: Gundula Geiginger - PULS 4