Job search, debt, depression - only together we solve it!


Since May 19, the time has finally come: the phase of the great opening has begun in Austria, and with it, relaxation should finally come to the labor market as well. But it won't be quite that easy, because the pandemic has fundamentally changed the starting situation for job seekers. Whereas in 2019 it was primarily service staff who were sought in the catering industry, in 2020 the demand for software developers was at its highest. For one group in particular, circumstances have changed: Teenagers and young adults are particularly suffering from the crisis, and youth unemployment has risen sharply compared to the previous year.

Young career starters lost their first job at the beginning of the crisis, or apprenticeships that had already been promised were canceled. Uncertainty is high and debts are also growing because fixed costs can no longer be paid. The debt counseling service expects an increase of up to 36 percent in the number of people seeking help in the coming year.

Even though we are currently in a relatively good position in Europe (5th place), all those responsible see a need for action. We want to stay positive and discuss solutions on how to stop and maybe even reverse the current trend.

  • What are the problems young job seekers are facing today and how can we solve them?

  • What can we do to make young people fit for the demands of the labor market?

  • Provocatively asked: Can companies afford employee development at all in times of crisis?

  • Keyword apprentices: Has the shortage of skilled workers suddenly disappeared due to the pandemic? Why are there so many who are looking (especially in Vienna)?


Manuela Smertnik - Pedagogical area manager of the Association "Wiener Jugendzentren" and an accomplished expert in the area of school - work.

René Schmidpeter - Founder M3TRIX
Christian Hofmann - Federal Youth Secretar (GPA Jugend) Sandra Bascha - Senior Manager Corporate Communications Austria Xing/NEW WORK SE Doris Palz - Managing Director of Great Place to Work