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Inventive spirit knows no crisis

The big startup crisis did not materialize in Austria; only a few startups that were promising before the crisis had to file for insolvency. The winners were ideas from the education segment, while companies in the leisure, mobility and travel sectors are struggling to survive. This exciting roundtable of startup founders and experts tells us which innovations will prevail in the long run, which adaptations were necessary, and what is still needed to insure the future of the startup scene.


Sophie Chung - Founderin & CEO Qunomedical
Liliane Ableitner - Co-Founderin & CEO Exnaton
Hanno Lippitsch - Founder Eversports
Arkadi Jeghiazaryan - Founder & CEO Amlogy
Hannah Lux - Co-Founderin Vollpension
Kambis Kohansal - Head of Startup-Services, WKÖ

Host: Werner Sejka - PULS 4