4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 10.08.2022

To infinity and beyond - from outer space, peace and worlds far away from our generations

The view of the earth and therefore of the present and future challenges created by mankind seem peaceful and almost insignificant when viewed from space. All the more the longing to see our world from above is clearer than ever for many. From time immemorial, the dream of travel to colonization of space and the associated possibilities has been the focus of research and development. However, research seems to be long past the testing phase in some areas and the research space is evolving at a stately pace towards the economic space. Space is already strongly integrated into our lives in many respects, be it in the form of the navigation system or, simply put, the possibility of watching television, we owe to space, among other things. In the future, there will be far more opportunities to visit space, but also to use it. Because if the raw materials and the place on earth are ending, the universe seems to offer unlimited possibilities. We therefore ask ourselves the questions, what is the status quo of current space exploration or travel possibilities? What impact does outer space have on humans and to what extent is outer space already integrated into all our lives? What would not work (anymore) even without space? What is or seems like pure utopia, what is really feasible in the near future? How could raw materials be extracted from space or what raw materials are we talking about?

Discussion by the following


  • Andreas Bierwirth, CEO Magenta Telekom
  • Hafida Boufraioua, Startups @ CERN
  • Werner Gruber, Physiker, Forschungskoordinator des Landes Burgenland, Sciencetainer
  • Robert Machtlinger, CMO FACC
  • Anika Mehlis, Analog Astronaut Austrian Space Forum
  • Daan Roosegaarde, Künstler & Innovator, Studio Roosegaarde
  • Host: Margit Mischkulnig - Leiterin für Weltraumangelegenheiten, BM