4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 23.11.2022

The challenge of sustainability - How can responsible enjoyment work?

The human-induced global rise in temperature and the associated effects of climate change are a fact and can already be felt.

Resentment is growing and global players in particular, as drivers of the economy, are coming under increasing pressure. pressure. The turnaround seems far away or is progressing too slowly. But is this really the case? And to what extent can and must companies actually play a leading role in the development of sustainable concepts or in the transformation to a meaningful economy? And how much responsibility does each individual consumer bear?

The answer seems simple and yet it is the most difficult condition to implement in the fight against the climate crisis - The Power of Cooperation!


  • Paula Dorten, Klimaaktivistin bei Fridays For Future
  • Eva Glawischnig, Unternehmensberaterin und Ex-Grünen Chefin
  • Daniela Knieling, Geschäftsführung respACT
  • Monika Mörth, Geschäftsführerin Umweltbundesamt
  • Marianne Neumüller-Klapper, Operations & Sustainability Director Nespresso Österreich
  • Host: Wolfgang Schiefer - ATV