4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 28.12.2022

Your future home: energy and mobility as a integrated system!

The last decades were strongly influenced by the traditional concept of the so-called linear economy. A business model that largely negated the finite nature of natural resources, as well as the responsibility of producers for their products even after they are sold.

Society is producing and consuming beyond the carrying capacity of the planet and the effects are devastating - climate change, overuse of natural resources and biodiversity loss, to name just a few of the negative impacts. Political and economic transformation, including the adaptation of existing business models, is needed more urgently than ever before.

At the same time, there is a desire for quality of life, affordable housing and the greatest possible mobility and flexibility, as the most important aspect of action in future-oriented housing and life planning. People as customers and consumers play a central role in future-oriented considerations.

Discussion by the following


  • Claudia Falkinger, Co-Founder
  • Lia Gruber, Universitätsassistentin TU Graz
  • Marlene Johler, Circular Economy Forum Austria
  • Stephan Sharma, CEO Burgenland Energie
  • Sonja Zahradnik-Leonhartsberger, CEO Smartworks Innovation
  • Host: Julia Furdea - PULS 4