4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 06.04.2022

Ukraine vs. Russia: What's the economic impact of the war?

Shortly after the start of the war in Ukraine, the economic effects and burdens are already being felt - the domestic economy is facing challenges, but also individual citizens will have to live with the effects of the war in the future, such as drastic inflation. Today we are asking ourselves the fundamental question WHY does a war that is happening right on our country's borders actually have such drastic effects on Austria, what challenges will the domestic economy, but also concretely each individual citizen, have to face, and at the same time what are the opportunities and, above all, new ways of thinking that can result from this situation.


  • Walter Feichtinger - President Center for Strategic Analysis
  • Jürgen Huber - Prof. for Finance University of Innsbruck
  • Stefan Schiman - Economist
  • Johannes Wancata - Prof. for Social Psychiatry MedUni Vienna
  • Host: Werner Sejka - PULS 4