4GAMECHANGERS Studio Talk | 07.12.2022

Children in crisis - more and more adolescents are affected by poverty

Rising prices for housing, energy, transport and food are putting a strain on more and more people. Those who already have little money at their disposal are particularly hard hit - around 15 percent of the Austrian population, or 1.3 million people, are at risk of poverty. 368,000 of those affected are children and young people. In a rich country like Austria, child poverty should not be an issue - but the current economic and energy crisis threatens to exacerbate this problem even further.

The introduction of a basic child benefit could free children and families from such poverty. Moreover, this would replace already existing social benefits.

Discussion by the following


  • Sophie Achleitner, Ökonomin AK Wien
  • Erich Fenninger, Direktor Volkshilfe
  • Barbara Neßler, Die Grünen, Abgeordnete zum Nationalrat
  • Martin Schenk, stv. Direktor Diakonie Österreich
  • Anna Schiff, Plattform Sichtbar werden
  • Host: Wolfgang Schiefer - ATV